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How to Reduce Warranty Expenses to Less Than 0.25% with Consistent Processes

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Are you tired of spending excessive time and money on warranty management after the close of escrow? The national average for warranty expenses hovers over 1% of the sales price. While this might seem like a small percentage, it translates to a significant cost. However, by implementing the right technology and processes, you can slash these expenses to less than 0.25%, saving you thousands of dollars per home.

The secret lies in consistency
Consistent processes drive efficiency, reducing overhead costs and eliminating redundancies. With a standardized approach, you can streamline communication, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operations. The result? Faster project completion times, reduced material waste, and maximized profitability.

At SiteOne, we've developed a process that reduces cycle times to just 10 days
Our approach is straightforward and effective, beginning at the home orientation, where new homeowners are educated about their Home Manuals and Acceptable Standards Guide. It's crucial they understand that minor imperfections are not covered under warranty.

Hot to cut warranty expensesFor legitimate issues, homeowners use their HomeHub owner portal to submit service requests. Our system allows builders to track all requests, approve or deny them based on acceptable standards, communicate seamlessly with both the homeowner and the field team, schedule appointments for repairs, and obtain digital sign-off signatures—all through the Builder Dashboard.

When you choose to work with SiteOne, we don't just provide a platform; we become your trusted partner. We help you create a customized process map (like this one) that defines each team member's role and trains your staff on best practices. Additionally, we develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that offer real-time metrics and reports, ensuring you always have a clear view of your warranty management performance. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Experience the benefits of a streamlined, efficient warranty management process. Contact us today to learn more about how SiteOne can help you significantly reduce your warranty expenses and improve your bottom line.