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Anticipate, Automate, Achieve: The Future of Customer Service


When it comes to customer service, staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial for home builders, aiming not just to meet expectations but to surpass them. The recent guide from the Gartner Group, "The Future of Customer Service: 5 Emerging Trends To Watch," unveils a transformative vision for customer service in 2024 and beyond. It starts with being a "forward-looking" organization that shifts from a reactive strategy designed to limit costs to a predictive strategy that delivers additional value to customers. 

1) Redefining the Purpose of Service - Why Service Happens: Adding Value Beyond Issue Mitigation

Gartner's guide emphasizes a fundamental shift in the purpose of service organizations — from mitigating costs to delivering value. SiteOne Services has always been committed to providing internal value to builders and their customers. Our platform is designed not just to resolve issues but to help homebuilders by providing real-time data and customizable reports to track critical data points that will improve your bottom line. Manage vendors and subcontractors, monitor purchase orders, and quickly identify common, costly occurrences that can be corrected in future construction.Filter Reports


2) Balance Personalization With Privacy - Personalized Experiences: Enhance Customer Value

Seventy-one percent of B2C customers expect customer service to know who they are when they call. At the same time, they are becoming more worried about how companies use their personal information. This creates a dilemma between providing personalized experiences and respecting customer privacy. SiteOne's HomeHub is a password-protected portal for homeowners that digitally organizes every feature and product installed in their home for easy reference. Our cloud-based platform is hosted at AWS with 99.9% uptime and multiple redundancies, and only the service reps assigned to their project can access that homeowner's information.New HB Screen 2


3) The Rise of Automated Service Initiatives - Who Performs and Initiates Service: Machines Taking the Lead

The landscape is evolving, and machines are taking the lead in initiating service. With SiteOne's cutting-edge platform, we embrace automation to streamline processes. Our platform empowers homebuilders with efficient tools and workflows that automate the warranty service request process. Notifications can be sent to the homeowner, builder, and subcontractor at every step of the repair. If a response is not received within the allotted time, workflows can be automated to close completed work orders. SiteOne's priority is to ensure our users a seamless and responsive experience.Dasboard_Image1_captions-1


4) Shifting Service Horizons - Where Service Happens: Beyond Company-Owned Channels

According to Gartner, the traditional boundaries of customer service are expanding rapidly. In the future, service interactions will increasingly occur outside of company-owned channels. SiteOne Services, with its innovative SaaS microservice platform, is well-positioned to adapt to this shift. Our secure portal includes a library of homeowner manuals, performance standards, maintenance guidelines, and pre-selected videos to help new owners troubleshoot and maintain their home without needing to call their builder for help. Our commitment to delivering an event-centric platform aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape where service is no longer confined to conventional or outdated channels like phone calls or generic web forms. HH Screenshot 2020-11-11 083616


5) Predictive and Preventive Service - When Service Happens: Anticipating Issues Before They Arise

Unlocking the power of data and analytics is a game-changer. Builders can predict and prevent service issues by automating reminders for monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance tasks. At SiteOne, we've always been at the forefront of leveraging data to enhance efficiency. Our platform doesn't just address problems when they occur; it helps builders anticipate and prevent them, ensuring a proactive approach to customer service.Dishwasher Maintenance Reminder

Gartner's insights provide a roadmap for the future of customer service. At SiteOne Services, we don't just follow trends; we shape them. As the industry evolves, our commitment to innovation, data-driven solutions, and value-centric service remains unwavering. Join us in embracing the future of customer service and lead the way in delivering unparalleled experiences for your homeowners.