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Say Goodbye to Costly Warranty Management & Improve Risk Mitigation

lower risk

Are you tired of spending too much time and money on warranty management post-COE? Did you know that the national average for warranty expenses is over 1% of sales prices? That's a lot of money! But the good news is that with the right technology and process implementation, you can reduce it to less than .25%. That's a difference of $5,500 compared to the national average.

At SiteOne, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service while also reducing costs. That's why we offer a warranty-specific technology and process implementation that can make a significant difference in your bottom line. We work with you to create a process map that defines each person's role and how our software supports the process. We also develop KPIs that give you real-time metrics and reporting for all stakeholders.

Our technology and process implementation also includes automated preventative maintenance notifications, homeowner manuals, and MFG product specifications with links to the MFG maintenance information. Additionally, we provide each homeowner with a ten-year license branded customer portal to access documents, MFG products, maintenance videos, and creation warranty requests online. We also offer administrative support to your staff five days a week and can provide additional warranty administration services if needed. man-in-white-dress-shirt-sitting-on-black-rolling-chair-840996

But what sets SiteOne apart from others is our commitment to ongoing support and communication. We attend weekly meetings with your team, ensuring implementation and onboarding are successful. We also provide a builder and trade portal so all stakeholders can view/update and manage warranty requests in real-time. 

Our technology enables a standard process with clear performance standards, informative homeowner manuals, and electronic communication with all stakeholders. We have perfected our technology and processes over the past 30 years to mitigate risk while providing predictable outcomes post-COE.

So why continue to view warranty management as the tail of the donkey? Partner with SiteOne to deliver consistent and profitable customer service to your buyers. With just a 30-minute call, we can discuss how we can make this happen for you. 

Take the first step towards saving time and money on your warranty management post-COE. Contact SiteOne today!